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Security Control Room

Running a Security Control Room 24 hours a day 7 days a week can cost 10’s of thousands of pounds per year, infact the average cost for staffing alone is around £150,000.00 per annum. Most Security companies do not have the luxury of having their own control room and as a result often over look the importance of workforcing monitoring and the laws that surround lone workers.

Thats where we come in, Control Room 24/7 offer Security Control Room Services that adhere to SIA licensing regulations. Giving you the use of a fully manned control room for a fraction of the cost. Using integrated software & telephony we can manage your workforce in real time, ensuring that no check calls or book on/off calls are missed.

We also provide Key Holding & Alarm Response services. Our team of trained Security Controllers will take calls from your customers ARC’s and dispatch your Mobile Patrols / Response Units to the activation, providing support throughout the occurance and completing reports as appropriate.

We can manage all of your incoming calls either during the day or out of hours. All calls are answered in your company name as a result anyone calling will be under the impression that our controlers are a part of your team.

Special Offer!!

For a limited time if you become a customer of ours we will offer our Employee Screening Services (to BS7858) for £25.00 per person (Normally £80.00 per person).

For more information & to take advantage of this offer please contact us.

We handle

Book On & Off Calls

Patrol Data (Through Proof of Presence)

Check Calls

Emergency Calls

Alarm & Emergency Response Calls and Management

Help Desk

Full reporting is available on all our control room services.
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