Lone Worker Management

Lone Worker Monitoring for Care, Cleaning & other Industries

We provide lone worker management for various industries.

For the Care & Cleaning Industries we provide workforce management & lone worker monitoring services. This sevice is designed to check that your staff are not only at work and are doing their jobs but to ensure that they are safe.

Staff are required to “Book on” when they start work and similarly they are required to “Book off” when they finish work. During their shift they will also conduct “Check Calls” otherwise known as “Welfare Checks” on either an hourly or 2 hourly basis. This is done through an automated system that alerts our controlers if a call is missed. If a Check call or book on/off call is missed our team of controllers will contact the staff member to acertain why the call was not made. If no contact can be made we will escalate the indicident and follow an escalation procedure that has been previously agreed.

Have your own Homecare Software? No problem we can monitor your software out of hours, giving you piece of mind that your team are safe.

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Industries using our services

Care Sector
Cleaning Industry
Facilities Management

Emergency Calls

Security Industry
Transportation Industry
Our services can be designed to suit many different industries. For more information or to find out more please contact us:

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